How to do SEO Online Map Citations (The Citations Ultimate Guide)

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If one has a Google My Business (GMB) page and would want to appear on local searches and on a map pack, then Google Map Citations are worth seeking. Map citations are described as a highlight or mention of your business name on another website and are mostly accompanied by other data referred to as NAP (Name, Address, and Phone number. Data accuracy is crucial. Thus, your citations should include the same information across the web.

Citations are one of the main factors in SEO. Most SEOs start their careers managing citations for stakeholders. When correctly set up, citations can be easy to manage and can lead to improved rankings locally. However, the citations can be stressful to clean up if done incorrectly. With nearly half of all Google searches being local, overstating the significance of SEO services is difficult.

There are several ways on how to do SEO online map citations. Making your website the best outcome for those “near me” searches will greatly affect your traffic, sales, and lead generation. SEO services is nothing new to someone who has been marketing their business. They likely have already set the correct keywords and positioned their brand for local search. Understanding how to do SEO online map citations makes building the citations easy and inexpensive.

How to build citations to rank Google Profile on Google Top Search Results

To effectively build citations to rank Google Profile on Google Top Search Results, you must first visit the Listing page and copy the name of your business, address and contact exactly as they appear on the page. The next step is to publish the copied details on other websites. Additionally, you may also add the website URL. Research has shown that the more of such details you publish as time goes by, the higher the ranking you will receive from Google.

For you to answer the question how to do SEO online map citations and build citations that rank google profile on Googles first page search results, follow the top 3 guidelines below:

1. Google is the first preference: though most SEO services veterans do not see google as a citation, it is an inherent asset for local businesses. It is an SEO citation-building tool that stands out in its category. Google My Business Listing is considered the most essential to managing appropriately.

2. Core Structured citations: various quality platforms on which any type of local business can get listed. Some of them include Bing, Apple Maps, Citygrid, Acxiom, Foursquare, Factual, Manta, BBB, HomeAdvisor, Yahoo, and Yelp, among others. Every local Business is advised to develop and control accurate listings on all the above platforms.

3. Industry-specific platforms: Additional platforms can provide opportunities for building structured citations of high value, depending on the physical location of your Business. For example, Doctors should get a listing on sites like, while hospitality industries should get a listing on well-known sites like

Organic search visibility in map

Organic search visibility in map is all about putting your website out there to as many potential customers as possible so that they can easily find your products, Business, services, and other information when they use search engines.

Objectively, search visibility is the strength and size of your organic keyword footprint according to your target keywords. For every single keyword used, the higher you rank, the higher your visibility towards your potential customers.

Total visibility means you need to rank #1 for every target keyword in the bucket, while the reverse, zero visibility, would mean that you don’t have a ranking for any of your target keywords. Regarding tracking SEO visibility, various SEO online services and tools have developed free visibility metrics. Each tool is meant to perform a unique visibility calculation, thus not effectively monitoring visibility for one site using several tools.

It, however, makes more sense to select one source of measurement of your visibility numbers and use that metric to do gradual tracking. The following includes the top 3 tools you can use to track your visibility and how each tool measures its genre of a visibility unit.

• SEMrush’s tracking tool: this tool Ranks Higher on Google’s search and it allows the users to create a dashboard that monitors rankings of keywords and calculates the traffic and visibility change according to the shifts in SERP positions.

• Moz Pro’s search visibility score takes it a bit deeper by applying a calculated CTR for every keyword according to where you rank, ensuring greater weight is given to higher CTR keywords. They then obtain an average of the various CTRs to obtain a single metric for the total visibility of the keywords you monitor.

• SEOmonitor: this tool uses the present rankings to evaluate the percentage of people on the look for a certain keyword that came across your page in the Googles first page search results. They then obtain its product and the monthly search volume of that keyword to arrive at an approximation of your intuitions.

Basic of google maps SEO (GMB)

Google business profile happens to be a feature that assists business owners in controlling their presence in search engines. Seasoned SEO services veterans use this profile to leverage a location-based strategy. Google maps SEO listings will only show businesses related to what they are searching for. To achieve this, Google needs to know the nature of your business to link your listing to related Google Maps searches. Claiming your Business is one of the sure ways to hone your relevance.

When you complete your GMB listing and provide additional information about how your business works, you also improve your relevance in the search engines. Google Maps SEO also considers your physical address to the location of the user (geo-target) when ranking businesses. Google will determine the distance according to what it knows about the user’s location if it fails to specify a location when searching.

Google My Business listings closer to the searcher’s location will have an advantage. And you make your business address consistent in all your social media accounts if you want Google Maps to know your proximity.

How to create Google Business Profile

Follow the steps below to create a Google Business Profile:

1. Go to

2. Click on “create an account.”

3. From the dropdown that pops, select “To manage my business.”

4. Supply the required information

5. Once you have followed these steps, you will have successfully created a Google business profile.

Additionally, to check and confirm that your business profile has been created, you need to:

1. Go to

2. Search for your business name

3. If your business name appears in the dropdown with an address, then your business profile is existent.

Now to verify your Business Profile:

1. Ensure you have a standard Google Account for your Business

2. Ensure you have a Business Profile

3. Create a Google My Business Account

4. Request to claim your Business Profile

5. Verify ownership of your Business

How to do local SEO without Google My Business Profile?

If you are wondering how to do SEO online map citations, you can achieve this without GMB or Google My Business Profile, by simply using the business listing on yelp. A yelp is a great tool for ratings and reviews of local businesses, enabling you to rank better in Googles first page search results and map pack.

All you need to do local SEO is create a yelp account and provide the information for your Business (Google My Business Profile not required). To do local SEO, you will then be able to provide additional information such as hours of operation, description of your services, and photos for you to do local SEO. Also, ensure that you post regular ratings and reviews to hone your ranking on the site.

How to make Local SEO for Location Pages

These guidelines serve as a guide to optimizing your location pages. Every element can enable you to strengthen the user experience of your website and location pages for customers who look for more information as well as for search engine robots that assist your location page to rank in search engine results pages (SERPs) and featured snippet:

• Feature Identical NAP Details

• Use location-specific keywords

• Include location-specific content

• Provide business hours

• Feature and include customer reviews

• Provide directions and share your location

• Include location-specific images

• Use a relevant CTA

• Use Schema Markup

• Add relevant external and internal links.

How to build listing citations and local SEO citations

Local SEO citations that improve your SEO are an important component of your optimization approach. To build listing citations can be termed as the process of managing and creating business listings on social media or the act of producing more mentions of your business across the web. Here are a few approaches you can implement to help you build listing citations and improve the number of local search citations and your local SEO citations.

1. Learn from your competitors – you can figure out who your competitors are by searching the phrases and keywords you want to rank for. Please take note of the companies that top the list and not their directories and citations.

2. Highlight all the industry-specific citation chances you have – you can ask your colleagues about what magazines they get or what conferences they attend to begin generating a list to pursue citations.

3. Decide the crucial general citation opportunities available to you – make a list of important citation sites on which you want to make sure you have a listing.

4. Find chances for citations on local sites – this is essential in reinforcing your identity as a local business that is rooted in society.

5. Fill in the GMB page completely and accurately – this ensures you have all your data fully listed and accurately filled.

6. Hire a service to manage your local citations for you – if you have limited time, you can hire a service to manage your local citations. Still, you must be very careful as the service quality varies greatly, mostly due to price.

The top 5 popular SEO online services for local SEO include;

1. NP Digital – best for conversion-driven SEO and includes Facebook, Viacom, and Google. It Ranks Higher on Google’s search.

2. Searchbloom – focuses on a methodology called ART (Authority, Relevancy, Technology) of SEO. This service makes top rankings and is effective at technical SEO because it focuses on optimizing the client’s technology stack. It includes Tear-A-Part and Bodyguardz.

3. Bright local- this Local SEO provides a marketer with the tools they need to manage certain tasks of SEO. they include; Havas, IKEA, Kumon, and Halfords.

4. Digital Marketing Agency – offers full-service advertising and marketing support for growing local businesses. The Local Seo include; Kohler, Blockchain, and Makeable.

5. High visibility – This Local SEO predominantly specializes in organic search engine optimization and SEO. They include; UFood Grill and Since therapy.

Therefore, SEO online services are essential in improving and optimizing your SEO.

Local citation software is a tool you can use to make managing local citations easier and faster. Some of the top 5 local citation software include;

1. Whitespark – This software Ranks Higher on Google’s search and has two tools to help manage your citations and a wealth of guides and articles to help you optimize your procedure online.

2. Yext – is similar to white spark in that its software helps you manage every aspect of your SEO, maintaining top rankings online. You can also select certain products and services depending on your needs.

3. Review Trackers is an online citation software mostly concerned with managing your local network viewers.

4. Moz Local – this tool allows you to enter your country, business name, and address into their tool and scans the web for your presence. It displays a list of each citation source one by one.

5. Synup uses AI technology to evaluate your business and your market to identify how to drive customers to your website online.

What are the regular SEO citations cost when hiring a freelancer and if pay on salary basic (with examples)

The average agency SEO plan cost is $2819 per month. The low-end f the average is around $500 per month, and the high-end of the average is between $25,000 and $50,000 per month.

What are Google Maps citations?

A Google Map citation is simply mentioning your business name on a website. A citation is often accompanied by other data known as NAP -Name, Address, Phone. They are often links or references to your Business.

What does citations mean?

A citation is a quotation or reference to s paper, author, or book, especially in a scholarly work.

What do local citations do for SEO?

Local citations are believed to be the key ranking factor and increase the visibility of local SEO. They help improve the certainty level that a certain business exists as people can access information about local businesses.

What are local citations?

Local citations are a data set consisting of seven data points that make up a local citation. The seven data points are; your business name, street address, city, state, zip code, business phone number, and website URL.

Who to hire to build online website citations?

If you are wondering who to hire to build online website citations and your budget allows, hiring an SEO specialist to build online website citations for you is recommended.

What are google Maps citations for local SEO price?

The price that you will pay for local search improvement will depend on your marketing strategy and price. You should expect to pay between $500 and $4000 monthly for professional SEO consultants.

What is the difference between Google My Business and Google Profile?

Google profile is a free user profile available from Google that lets users present themselves on Google products to other Google users. At the same time, GMB allows you to join your accounts together, increasing the chance that Business acts as a dashboard for your business.

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Experienced digital marketer with over 10 years of experience managing work processes in various industries. Participated in numerous online digital marketing conferences and authored many articles on topics such as SEO, local SEO, PPC advertising, SMM, and online marketing. As a CEO, have successfully led multiple digital marketing projects and had also written guest posts for various e-commerce websites


Experienced digital marketer with over 10 years of experience managing work processes in various industries. Participated in numerous online digital marketing conferences and authored many articles on topics such as SEO, local SEO, PPC advertising, SMM, and online marketing. As a CEO, have successfully led multiple digital marketing projects and had also written guest posts for various e-commerce websites