How to Get Traffic to Your Website without Social Media

April 2, 2023 Reading time: 8 min

Drawing prospective clients to your website is essential for success as an online commerce agent, digital marketer specialist, or any other entrepreneur. Notably, advertising on social media platforms has revolutionized the digital marketing sector and offered immense contributions to businesses.

However, other wonderful and impactful strategies, like PPC are available for marketing. Thus, therefore, this article will focus on several other effective ways by which businesses can use to drive traffic to websites. We will also look at various strategies to help boost website visits and ultimately improve the monetization of your affiliate blog.

Use Citation Listings and Business Directories to get Traffic from Free Registration Websites

The registration process of a company in internet directories and citation listing is one of the most effective and straightforward ways to increase traffic to a website. It gives service subscribers an option to look for their website but also aids in strengthening their Google Business Profile.

Your business can be seen as real, actively operating, and expanding through Google’s search results. Many of the directories and citations are free, making them a perfect option for small start-up businesses.

Take Advantage of Niche-Specific Directories

To attract prospective clients to your website, look for directories that address specific industries as a digital marketing tactic. Listing your enterprises on the directories will greatly improve the chances of appealing to prospective clientele who could be interested in your specific offerings.

Optimize Your Directory Listings

Enhancing the visibility of one’s directory listings ensures that your website draws in more visitors. The process can be made easier when the directory listings of your company have precise and updated information. Increasing the visibility means your websites drive even more clients to your website. Also, they can optimize their business’s listing by use of keywords and engaging business illustrations.

Use a Google Business Profile and Get Traffic from Google Map Pack

Another effective technique to attract traffic to your website is establishing a Google Business Profile. The tool is very helpful, especially if you have some branches and franchises attached to your business, where you can have some Google Business Profiles for each.

The strategies ensure that your business can be searched in multiple keywords and with different locations coordinates. Your website’s visits can steadily grow, expand reviews, and enhance business growth.

Encourage Customer Reviews

To help raise the rank of your enterprise’s Google Business profile, endeavor to encourage clients’ feedback. Study shows that positive customer reviews have improved the position of one’s Google Business Profile.

To improve the rating of one’s website and ensure it is conspicuous in the search engines, seek the help of your most loyal clients who are pleased with your offerings. They can do positive reviews about your business, thereby increasing viewership. Here are some quick facts about the impact of customer reviews:

1. 63% of clients will likely purchase from a site with user reviews.

2. There is an 18% sales in increase as a result of reviews

3. About 9% of consumers will contact a business after reading positive reviews

4. 88% of prospective customers form an opinion after reviewing over ten reviews.

5. Products with more than 50 reviews can translate to a 4.6% rise in conversion rates.

6. 85% of clients trust online commerce reviews

Here’s an example of a customer review:

Optimize Your Google Business Profile

Optimize your Google Business Profile and guarantee higher website traffic. In doing so, improve your Google Business Profile by using vital keywords, an exciting and inviting description, and ensuring the correct contact details are used in the website. Optimizing a Google Business profile provides more traffic to sites and enhances one’s local SEO.

Use SEO to Get Free (Organic) Traffic from Google’s Search Results

Digital marketing and online commerce need Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to improve operations and business position. Search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing can help improve the websites’ exposure by maximizing the impact of their content and architecture.

Ways to Enhance Your Website’s SEO

1. Use of pertinent keywords

2. Image optimization

3. Accelerated page loading.

4. Use of PPC tool

Enhanced visibility

Directory enterprises can get increased exposure by ranking top in SERPs when subscribers use relevant keywords for search purposes.

Increased Revenue & Sales

A directory enterprise will likely appeal to traffic when it tops the search results. A high-ranking search result will increase the possibilities of an entrepreneur upgrading to paid listings, boosting revenue.

Easy Access to Website

A business must ensure the sites are user-friendly to get the relevant impact. Stronger SEO strategies have quicker page loads, easier navigation, and mobile compatibility. All these can improve the possibility of website visitors becoming buying visitors.

Ensure Your Website is Mobile-Friendly

A majority of internet users prefer mobile devices for internet use. And consequently, search engines have prioritized mobile-friendly sites in search results. Businesses can adopt a responsive design for their website, making them mobile-friendly. This way, the results are adjustable to multiple screen sizes.

Create Guest Posts and Get Traffic from Other Websites

Making guest blog articles for websites belonging to other businesses can boost traffic to one’s website. An outsourcing business allows posts from blog writers. The blogs publishing guest posts often link the specific article to your website through a prior agreement. This way, many visitors to the post will be able to be redirected to your website.

Find High-Traffic Websites and Offer Guest Posts

You need to contact a popular and reputable website in your niche and offer to write for them. The many visitors who frequent that website will be encouraged to click a link that will redirect them to your own. This way, you can get their loyal clients to see your offerings.

Getting Wikipedia links can help improve traffic to a site. Google often sends traffic to Wikipedia. Establish a Wikipedia page for your business and connect it with the website to get Wikipedia links. Provide accurate and relevant data to Wikipedia, making sure to follow the rules and regulations set by the non-profit resource tool.

Locate Wikipedia articles and blogs that are relevant to your subject matter. Emphasizing the importance of linking to a dedicated page optimizes the impact of digital marketing.

A business must clarify why they link their Wikipedia articles to their websites. They must be non-promotional and avoid spamming. Also, do not over-link, and ensure that your link helps improve the page’s content.

Businesses need a platform that links journalists who are experts in your subject matter. HARO (Help a Reporter Out) is just that! You gain by getting links back to your site by replying to inquiries on behalf of your website.

Here are some benefits of HARO:

• Likelihood of enhancing the brand’s visibility to the target clients.

• Offers the opportunity of advertising and establishing relationships with influential and popular reporters.

• Opportunity to share their experience and enhance business reputation as a business person.

There exist free and premium features on HARO. Firstly, one can register for free, enabling one to receive emails from HARO. Later, one can enroll in programs customized for one’s profile descriptions to ensure one gets emails and keyboard alerts.

Some subscription features are shown in this screenshot:

Understanding How HARO Works

Many emails from HARO are sent daily containing a list of requests from writers seeking to link sources to cite in their articles. An interested entrepreneur can get chances to answer questions and get links back to their sites by signing up for HARO. They must also check their mail regularly.

Establish a Compelling Pitch and Provide Value to Journalists

Linking a strong valuable pitch to a journalist is essential when responding to questions about HARO. Writers’ responses should provide information, sources, and insights likely to be found on their websites. Giving journalists valuable work increases the chances of their responses being picked and linked to their site.

Google Ads Traffic

Google ads traffic is an impactful method of digital marketing. You can create an advertising tool using Google AdWords that focuses on specific demographics and keywords. The use of PPC is one of the most effective tools in Google ads. For someone who needs to promote particular products or services, Google ads traffic might be what you are looking for.

The Effectiveness of Google Ads for Driving Traffic

WordStream study shows that businesses make about $2 in monetization on average for every dollar used on Google Ads. Also, Google AdWords may increase brand popularity by 80%. In using this tool, ensure you pick the appropriate keywords for your affiliate blog.

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Experienced digital marketer with over 10 years of experience managing work processes in various industries. Participated in numerous online digital marketing conferences and authored many articles on topics such as SEO, local SEO, PPC advertising, SMM, and online marketing. As a CEO, have successfully led multiple digital marketing projects and had also written guest posts for various e-commerce websites


Experienced digital marketer with over 10 years of experience managing work processes in various industries. Participated in numerous online digital marketing conferences and authored many articles on topics such as SEO, local SEO, PPC advertising, SMM, and online marketing. As a CEO, have successfully led multiple digital marketing projects and had also written guest posts for various e-commerce websites