The Ultimate Guide to Write a Good Article

The Ultimate Guide to Write a Good Article

July 8, 2022 Reading time: 14 min

There is a variety of benefits to writing articles. Being an author has the power to boost your brand, educate researchers, and line your pockets. Let’s take a deep dive into tips for writing articles. This article will explore different areas of writing, professional article writing tips, article structure, and the steps necessary to write a good article that is appreciated by an audience. If you’re looking for reliable information regarding how to write an article, you’re in the right place.

How to earn money through writing

There is a multitude of websites that allow you to generate income from writing. You can earn approval to write after submitting an initial sample article or passing a writing or grammar test. Alternatively, websites like Medium allow you to start writing and earning income immediately. To start earning money, you should create a list of topics that you are knowledgeable about.

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How to come up with good article ideas

Pick a broad topic that you know information about and write for three minutes straight about the subtopics under that subject. A good article idea has valuable content. Everyone has experience and knowledge about something. 

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Through this method, you can discover the content that you have the most experience with or is most prevalent in your mind. Even if you aren’t an expert in the subject matter, an undying, passionate interest in a particular subject makes for a good article.

Brainstorming about your passions or expertise will help create the voice for your article. Unless you’re writing a dissertation or a research paper, showing your personality will make your writing more interesting. During brainstorming, save good ideas that are not relevant to the project you’re working on, you’ll be glad you did! Not all writing has to be serious. Avid readers enjoy a good laugh as much as movie buffs. 

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Some writers take the path of choosing topics that are either entertaining or informational. The internet has enough dry tutorial articles. If you were to write a tutorial, you can make yours different by personalizing it to your life, making it funny, or putting a creative spin on a task that most people have to complete.


The answer is an absolute yes. For example, if you’re a software engineer, sharing your knowledge through writing gives you the power of becoming an educator. Many people want to know how to develop applications and want a better understanding of the blockchain and smart contracts. By sharing what you know you’re helping to teach neophytes and refresh more experienced minds. All shared research is typically done so in the form of writing. A well-researched and written article speaks volumes. It will show the depth of your knowledge.

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What makes a good newspaper article?

A good article provides value upfront and draws the reader in. It is especially important to provide valuable information at the beginning of long articles. You need to prove to the reader that the article will be worth their time by assuring them that they will have more knowledge than they did before. Even if the article is short, it should be informative and engaging. No matter the length of your writing, every sentence should drive your article closer to making your points – no fluff. What makes a good article? A good article is one with substance. Storytelling is a great way to add richness to your article and prevent your content from being dry.


Utilizing a structure or format for your articles will help you develop them faster. You can present your news article by illustrating your point first, explaining, and then understanding. The Pomodoro technique can help expedite your writing by pressuring you to complete as much writing as you can in 25 minutes followed by a five-minute break. Some writers accomplish a great deal by following this method for the entire workday. Practicing your writing will increase your speed of writing.

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The more you write, the faster you will naturally become. You can learn how to write articles quickly and still be tactful and detailed. Set aside a specific time of day and place where you can complete your writing without distractions. Having a dedicated workspace is especially important for remote workers. Some writers work from home, and it is vitally important to have a distraction-free zone. No matter how good you are at multitasking, the fact is that there are attention gaps when switching tasks. You can become quite adept at multitasking but the goal here is to write quickly and focus all of your attention on what will give you the best results. Knowing how to write articles quickly depends on preparation. Saving your good ideas was mentioned earlier in this article. By having a list handy, you’ll be able to use the time you would have spent on creative development for writing.


Creating a good Wikipedia article isn’t just about providing good information, there are also things you should not do called “immediate failures”. You can’t violate any copyrights or have large numbers of banners throughout the article. Avoid these immediate failures so that your article doesn’t experience a “quick fail” where it does not get a chance to reach the review process. Edit warring is another immediate failure when two contributors continuously override one another’s contributions. A highly disputed article will likely fail without review. Note that a lack of original research can cause immediate failure. If your article has an issue that makes it to the review process, you will get a chance to correct issues and bring the article up to the “six good article criteria” by Wikipedia’s standards.

The criteria of a good Wikipedia article are:

– Clear prose

– Stable content which does not frequently change due to disputes

– Neutral and unbiased

– Illustrated with audio, video, or images

– Broad coverage of the topic

– Verifiable by the sources you provide

More detail about what makes a good article is available on the Wikipedia website. Each of the six criteria is reviewed in detail.


Keyword research has been vital to discovering the terms readers are using to find your article. This topic may become even more important due to the banning of Google Analytics on EU websites due to a violation of privacy policies by the GDPR. Therefore, if a large part of your audience is coming from the EU to your US website, you will have to use other tools to determine how they found your article because Google Analytics is now illegal in the EU.


Scientific articles are not meant to entertain or impress, they are meant to inform scientists and researchers. The information in a scientific article must be accurate and worded. An article such as this is more likely to be cited by researchers and scientists. A scientific writer must convince their reader that the information is relevant and important. It is the author’s job to emphasize the reason why the work was created, and the results gained from the research. Scientific papers that present experimental information includes the introduction, methods, and materials used, the results, the discussion, and the conclusion.

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A scientific paper reporting non-experimental information will include the different sections within the body. If you’re writing an article for a peer-review journal, it will need to meet or surpass the expectations of a subject matter expert to take on the job of reviewing your work. It is not uncommon for A reviewer to return the work to the author with suggestions regarding professional article writing, research methodology, and new significant or relevant findings. You will be given a set amount of time to complete the revisions. If your article is well received it will likely be published and if not, you can always take your article to another publication for review.

Regarding scientific papers, they are measured by their impact factor or IF. This factor is determined by the number of times it is cited by other authors. Every scientific publication has an impact factor for I F number which can be found on their website. A publication with a high impact factor is considered more credible. It is important to only compare impact factors between the same specialty or target field. For example, the impact factor of a physics journal shouldn’t be compared to internal medicine. If you’re having trouble locating the impact factor on a scientific publication’s website, you can visit the web of science journal citation reports as a resource.


So you’re looking for how to write a good article easily. A good blog article should enthrall the reader and meet the SEO goals of the author. Understanding what your audience is searching for when looking for the information you provide is important. For example, if you own a store that sells items for children, searchers may use the words toddler, infant, or newborn. At each age, children have specific needs and their parents are likely using certain words to find items or services they need for them.

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While SEO is very important and helps readers find your article and want to share it, it’s important to be careful with keywords. Avid readers can tell when the author is overusing a word, using it out of place, or just including the words for keyword purposes when it adds no potency to the text. Keyword stuffing can ruin the readability of an article that would have otherwise been a good keyword stuffing can ruin the readability of an article that would have otherwise been a good read. If you need professional article writing services, consider article writing using content SEO service

Your blog article should not just be an amalgamation of all of the most searched keywords in your industry. It should convey a message and help The reader understand why it is important. Most blog articles maintain a similar structure of introduction, body, and conclusion. It should be your goal to convey at least three solid points in each section to give your article structure. Group information about subtopics together rather than mentioning them throughout the article. It’s also helpful to the reader to use headers and paragraphs of similar length.


A critical analysis should consider one piece of work and analyze the points of the author. This type of article depends upon logic and reasoning to analyze the points and provide supporting evidence. When analyzing an author’s work, it is crucial to understand them fully before you begin writing.

You should claim the author’s point of view within your thesis statement, backing it up with evidence from the text you’re analyzing. Your thesis statement should be so strong that you can base your entire essay around it. All paragraphs of your analysis should support the thesis statement by providing viewpoints that contrast with the author, further details, or background information. Back up your statements with evidence. Otherwise, your article will seem like reading a very long opinion, rather than enlightening the reader and compelling them to think critically.

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You as the author will need to think critically to perform the analysis. You will need to break down the work and study each part. If you are performing an analysis of a film, it would be a good idea to watch it on several occasions. If you’re analyzing a book, it’s a good idea to have read it at least a few times. Many articles of this type consist of an introduction and up to four body paragraphs followed by a conclusion.


The proper bibliographic reference format is to include the article title when there is no author. If the reference is from a newspaper, you can use the URL of the homepage to avoid linking to a page that may be removed later or broken. For an in-text citation, include a few words from the beginning of the article title in quotation marks, headline capitalization, and the year.

If you are writing a bibliographic reference without a date, use n.d. as an abbreviation instead. If you are riding in bibliographic reference without a date, use ND as an abbreviation instead. The same standards apply if you are referencing a magazine article or a journal without an author. If an author is listed as anonymous, Include the word anonymous in the reference followed by the year.


There are several ways to make money writing articles. If you have a technical background, you can write articles covering programming languages, tutorials on how to complete a project in these languages, or even write the news about emerging technologies. Alternatively, you can start a blog and gain money from advertising revenue or publish on media. A benefit of publishing on media is that you can submit articles that have already been written and published elsewhere.

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Every publication is different, and you will need to adhere to the rules of that publication. Some sites will not accept an article that has already been submitted elsewhere and is available online to read. You can also write articles for others; some call this ghost writing. Similarly, you can write for a content producer, and you won’t get credit for the article as an author, but you will be paid. Another way to make money through professional article writing is to produce a book and sell it through a platform. Likewise, author platforms have rules, and it may be the case that once you publish your book on that platform it cannot be published anywhere else.

You can publish a book and make it available on Amazon or iOS or android. You can work with a publishing house if they accept your book to make it available as a hardcopy on local bookshelves. It’s also an option to launch a website and sell e-books at whatever price you like covering whatever subject you wish. If you decide to publish your book on your own and you want to prove that you have an active audience and you’ve made sales, it’s a good idea to apply for an ISBN so that these sales are recorded in a national database.


Oftentimes, to get your article published you will have to send a pitch first. This is done so that the company or publisher can approve of the topic, word length, and title before you begin writing. An article pitch can save both parties a lot of time. To format your pitch, research the editor if possible. They usually have to format your pitch, research the editor if possible. They usually have certain specific pieces they prefer to publish, and this will help you craft your pitch better.

You should choose a specific topic and craft your pitch differently for every submission rather than using a canned statement. A pitch can be completed via email or a form on the publisher’s website. If you are submitting an email, you may have creative freedom when it comes to the subject line. Some publications may provide you with a subject line to include in your email and this shows that you are paying attention to detail. Following instruction is a good first step to getting your article published. Use the subject line to get the editors attention and include the word pitch so they know exactly what the email was about.

These professional article writing tips will surely show you how to write a good article easy. These tips for writing articles will set you on your way to publication and earning income from your skills. You can also use article writing using content SEO service for professional article writing services.

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Experienced SEO Specialist and Entrepreneur. Participated in startup projects in the markets of different countries. Participant and speaker at several digital marketing conferences. Leads several channels in different languages and also writes articles for various resources. Invented the style of imperial content matrices that increase the effectiveness of SEO and content marketing


Experienced SEO Specialist and Entrepreneur. Participated in startup projects in the markets of different countries. Participant and speaker at several digital marketing conferences. Leads several channels in different languages and also writes articles for various resources. Invented the style of imperial content matrices that increase the effectiveness of SEO and content marketing